How can we help you?

 How can I create an account?  

Creating an account in the SBDB is easy and without any charge. Simply hoover your mouse on the Account icon (in the top right hand of the page) and select Create an Account. You will need to enter your email and a password, as well as some information such as your name, your position, organization name, etc...

 Can I have multiple users under one account?  

Yes, you have the option to choose between an individual account and an organizational account. An Organizational Account will permit you to add other multiple users under your account. If you would like more information on setting up an account for larger organizations, please contact us on

 How much does it cost to join the Brain Data Bank?  

It is free to sign up to the Brain Data Bank.  You will only be charged for the data cases you wish to purchase.

 What is a “case”?  

A case is described as all medical information (diagnosis, medical treatment, age, etc.) and data recordings (EEG, MRI, video, etc.) available for one person. The quality of a case increases with the amount of available recordings.

 What does “anonymized” data mean?  

For privacy protection all cases shared in the SBDB are completely anonymized. Any personally identifiable information is removed from datasets. For video recordings, we have developed a machine learning-based method to replace the reference face with a new synthetic face while preserving the face expressions.

 How can I purchase cases?  

You can browse cases in the Cases page, where you can add the cases of your choice to cart. Once you're done you can click on Checkout in the cart dropdown menu or in the cart page. Then you will need to complete the required information including billing address and payment method. Purchasing cases requires an account on SBDB. For the purchase of a large number of data cases at one time, you can contact one of our SBDB Customer Managers to discuss your requirements.

 What are the payment methods available?  

You can pay by credit card or where you wish to buy large amounts of data cases you can contact one of our SBDB Customer Managers to discuss your options.

 Do I own the data cases once I have paid for them?  

No, the provider of the data cases will always own the data. Your license fee will permit you to download, view, and do the necessary research on the data cases you purchase. Please read our terms and conditions here.

 How can I view the data I purchase?  

You can use our BDB Viewer to view EEG Recordings and Medical images like MRI.

 Can I download the data right after purchase?  

Once you have purchased a case, you can go to the case's page and download its data immediately.

 How can I become a SBDB Provider?  

Contact us here and we will get in touch with you.

 What are the benefits of being a provider?  

By providing data recordings to the BDB your institution can create an additional revenue stream and support medical research and treatment. You can learn more about it here.

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