SBDB Viewer

Viewing and Analysing Recordings and Medical Images Has Never Been Easier!

SBDB Viewer is a powerful and user-friendly software platform where you can view the cases you purchase.

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Once you create an account on the SBDB platform and confirm it, your SBDB Viewer account will be automatically created. All you have to do is download the software and you're ready to go! All Cases you purchase will be automatically made available in the SBDB Viewer.

In the SBDB Viewer, you can easily work with all kinds of medical data formats. It supports EEG recordings and provides analysis tools like Montages, Notes, Filters, Spectrogram, and more.
You can also view videos which are anonymized using machine learning-based method to replace the reference face with a new synthetic face while preserving the face expressions.

EEG Viewer in SBDB Viewer

EEG Viewer in SBDB Viewer

You can view Medical Images like MRI and CT scans in the SBDB Viewer where you can see info about the image, zoom in and out, and more. All patient data are anonymized. You can view all types of Medical Images in the cases you purchase. 

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