Let's Accelerate Progress in Brain Research Together

Access to complete and relevant brain data is an integral to the advancement of brain research.

At SBDB, we help hospitals and medical institutions working with brain-related diseases on a daily basis, to identify their digital assets and create alternative revenue opportunities, by sharing their anonymised data assets with the research community.

NeuroPro's data asset manager will help and guide your institution through the whole process of becoming a partner of the SBDB.

Become a Partner

Upload cases seamlessly and efficiently using our powerful tools. Cases will be complete and relevant including details of Medication, Diagnosis, and much more. Case files such as EEG recordings and medical images like MRI and CT scans can be easily uploaded.

Upload Cases as a Partner

Partner Dashboard

Partners can keep track of their cases' sales and other relevant data through our reports and charts on their account dashboard.

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Accelerating Progress in Brain Research